ISAM History Page

The International Society of Addiction Medicine is an international fellowship of physicians founded in 1998 and committed to the:

  • Advancement of knowledge about Addiction seen as a treatable disease
  • Recognition that physicians worldwide have a major role to play in its management
  • Enhancement of the credibility of the physician’s role
  • Emphasis of the importance of educational activities
  • Establishment of consensus documents and practice guidelines


  • Provision of a membership-based forum for physicians worldwide
  • Information website: to inform members and public about upcoming events
  • Bi-Annual Newsletters
  • Annual and Regional Scientific Meetings in liaison with National/Regional Addiction Medicine Societies
  • Position papers on select topics relevant to the practice methods
  • WHO-ISAM travel fellowships for annual meetings
  • International Certification exam in Addiction Medicine

Membership Rates:

Based on a 4-Category system of $90US, $60US, $30US and $15US, using the World Bank economic listing of countries. Please consult chart for specific country.


Full Members - Physicians practicing Addiction Medicine

  • Join and/or chair any task force/committee including Board positions

Associate Members –  Allied Health Professionals making a contribution to Addiction Medicine

  • May join any Committee/Task Force but not chair or run for  Board positions

Affiliate Societies – Membership through affiliation of a National Society viagra generique

Membership Benefits:

  • International communication network with colleagues
  • Information re: select issues and resources in 91 countries from all continents
  • Special member registration rates for Annual and Regional Meetings
  • ISAM-WHO Travel Fellowship for developing countries
  • Newsletter out twice a year
  • Participation in ISAM position papers
  • Professional validation, teaching, accreditation and certification by exam
  • Special registration fees for International Certification Examination
  • Copy of Journal of Substance Abuse